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Solstice at Coldwater : : :
An eight year old drummer participating in the event at Coldwater Springs.
– photo ©
Drums, Singing
and Fire mark the arrivial of Winter Solstice

Despite cold weather over 120 friends attend December 21 event.

(Coldwater) Winter Solstice is the longest night of the year and the beginning of the return of the light. It is celebrated as the birth of the sun, or the son, the candle-lighting ritual, the all night fire to signal to the weak but growing light—Come back!

On Winter Solstice Eve more than 120 people came to Coldwater to honor Coldwater Spring as a symbol of life ever-flowing, to celebrate the season of winter and to pray for peace.

The EarthTones, a women’s a capella choir, sang traditional songs from the Zulu people in South Africa to the Samis of Lapland. The EarthTones stood in front of the great willow tree and were accompanied for their entire concert by the sound of Coldwater Creek starting its fall down the Mississippi gorge.

Prairie Spring Teaching Circle rounded people up for the Solstice ritual and labyrinth walk. To experience Coldwater by candlelight in the snow is a gift.

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